Supplemental Residential Rate

Customers with an additional meter for residential purposes, at the same location as their home, will see a cost savings with the Supplemental Residential (SRS) rate in terms of the monthly service and energy charges.

What do you mean by an additional meter for residential purposes?
A residential purpose means that the majority of energy use is for domestic purposes such as lighting, household appliances, and the personal comfort and convenience of the home.

How do I update my account to the SRS rate?
To see if your meter qualifies for the SRS rate, contact Customer Service at 615-736-6900.

What is the service charge and kilowatt hour (kWh) rate for SRS?
The service charge tiers and kWh rates are similar to the residential rate. The residential service charge incorporates a $3.60 hydro credit. The SRS energy rate is not eligible for the hydro credit.

What is the benefit of switching to the SRS rate?
The SRS rate provides cost savings on the monthly service and energy charges when compared to commercial rates. In addition, the SRS rate does not incur sales tax or a commercial demand charge, which lowers the overall bill amount.

What types of services are eligible for the SRS rate?

  • Detached Garage
  • Personal Shop
  • Electric Gate
  • Pool House/Pool Pump
  • Storage/Tool Shed
  • Irrigation System
  • Well Pump

What types of services do NOT qualify for the SRS rate?
Common types of services that do not qualify for the SRS rate include, but are not limited to:

  • Temporary Service
  • Separate property from the single-family dwelling
  • Commercial business
  • Church
  • Barn
  • Shelter for animals
  • Services with monthly demand over 25 kW
  • Services with monthly usage over 7,500 kWh
  • Power needs requiring a three-phase service

Why does my barn/shed not qualify for the SRS rate?
Barns and sheds, along with grain bins, tobacco stripping rooms, shelter for animals and other farm use services, fall into the agricultural category and cannot be considered for residential use.

Does my shop across the road from my house qualify?
If a personal shop and your house are on the same parcel of property (even if separated by a road) it would qualify for the SRS rate.