Service Charge

The service charge has four pricing levels or tiers based on how much energy you use. During a rolling 12 month period, your highest month’s energy usage will determine which tier you fall in and what your service charge will be for that month.

Kilowatt Hour (kWh) Usage       
Residential Monthly Service Charge
Supplemental Residential Monthly Service Charge
Tier 1       
0-500 kWh
Tier 2
501-2000 kWh
Tier 3
2001-4000 kWh
Tier 4
More than 4000 kWh

For example, a Residential class customer whose highest usage for a rolling 12-month period is 400 kWh of energy would fall within tier 1, so the service charge for that month would be $11.50. If a Residential class customer's highest usage for a rolling 12-month period is 4,100 kWh during a rolling 12-month period would be considered a tier 4 service charge in the amount of $29.40.

What does the service charge cover?

The monthly service charge is necessary to cover the recurring cost of providing electric service, such as meter installation, maintenance, infrastructure including poles and transformers, upgrades to meet customer growth, tree trimming, payment processing, postage and customer service.


How can I lower my usage?

  • Take an easy do-it-yourself audit online and receive a free energy-saving kit in the mail.
  • Use our PowerWise Bill Analyzer for cost-saving recommendations tailored to your usage.
  • Earn rebates with eScore while increasing the comfort level and efficiency of your home.