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Nashville is hard at work. NES has several contractors completing projects within our service area. Get more information about what to look for if you have questions about crews working near you.

We understand how important it is to meet your construction and scheduling needs. By contacting us early in the building process, we can perform our design engineering, equipment and materials procurement and utility construction by your "in service" completion date.

Residential Subdivisions

Read the following instructions for obtaining service to a residential subdivision. Once you’ve submitted your application and it has been approved, we’ll provide a single point of contact for the duration of the project.

Underground Distribution

Metro’s Underground Utilities Ordinance (BL2005-628) requires lines to be buried underground in all new residential developments. Underground distribution improves the appearance of subdivisions and creates more attractive streetscapes. It also eliminates the need for tree trimming and reduces the number of power outages.

Contractor Guidelines

The following guidelines provide information and minimum utility requirements for establishing electric service to new or remodeled installations.

Trenching and Tunneling Near Trees

Excavating near trees and underground utilities requires safe work practices at all times. NES recommends following Dr. James R. Fazio's field guide to avoid root damage and injury to the tree. To obtain a free copy of the field pocket guide, contact NES at 615-747-3711. Additional information is available for purchase at

Contribution in Aid to Construction

A Contribution in Aid to Construction may be required when new electric service does not generates enough revenue to offset annual expenses. New customers must provide all necessary easements, rights-of-way and tree trimming permission and rights to NES before any line extension is constructed or service is provided.

Preferred Partner Network

The Preferred Partner Network is a list of qualified general contractors, architects, engineers and others who support TVA's energy efficiency programs. Learn more about becoming a member.