Renewable Energy

We are proud to offer renewable energy programs that harness the power of natural resources like the sun and wind.

Music City Solar

Nashville's first community solar park, Music City Solar, gives you access to sustainable, maintenance-free solar energy without the hassle and costs associated with installing panels on your home or business.

Green Switch

Customers who participate in the Green Switch program purchase "blocks" of renewable electricity from resources such as wind, solar and methane gas for as little as $2 a month. Each $2 ensures that 200 kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy is added to TVA's electricity mix so your family can enjoy clean, green energy at a low cost.

Green Flex

TVA is offering Green Flex, a new program that allows businesses and institutions inside the Valley to buy in. When you buy Green Flex, you are able to make renewable energy claims, which allow you to show your customers and stakeholders that you are a supporter of regional green initiatives. The RECs purchased through the program are delivered to the Valley along with the renewable energy, and the cost of the RECs is added to your regular electricity bill.

Green Invest

Green Invest is now available to local power companies and business and industry customers across TVA’s service territory. The program leverages long-term agreements to build new, large-scale renewable energy installations in the Valley through a competitive bid process.

Dispersed Power Program

TVA works directly with qualified producers with a qualified facility as determined by FERC. The generation size is unlimited through the Dispersed Power Program.

Green Power Providers

Green Power Providers (formerly Generation Partners) provides technical support and incentives for homes and businesses that generate their own renewable energy. *Please note that the GPP Program was retired as of December 31, 2019, 5 p.m. CST. Those enrolled in the program as of that date will continue in the program through the duration of their contracts.

Renewable Generation Project Guidelines & Application

For information about installing a Power Production Facility on your property review the Electric Service Guidelines.

Renewable Generation Interconnection Application

Note: Please do not order any project materials (panels, inverters, etc.) until NES provides approval for interconnection. 

For more information, contact Energy Services Engineering at 615-747-3775 or